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"If you want something done right, do it yourself."

- Napoléon Bonaparte, Charles-Guillaume Étienne, Zorg from The Fifth Element

We found the personal care aisle at the store to be a bit over the top.

There are “natural” products that aren’t so natural, and “doctor-recommended” products that may not be so healthy. Expensive brands using cheap ingredients, and cheap brands using even less.

All of that noise makes it hard to find simple, high-quality products that are easy to choose, easy to use, and easy to love.

We've decided to change that.

We make premium personal care essentials with plant-based formulas, subtle scents, and zero shortcuts. They’re gentle, gender-neutral, and free of the junk hiding out in other products.

And since we believe quality personal care is a human right, we've built giving back into our business by partnering with health & hygiene charity, ARM.

Our Human Impact

It's a simple idea, and one we hold close: Everyone gets to love how they feel.

That's as true for billionaires as it is for Alex, one of ARM's guests at their Mobile Shower Unit.

ARM (started by COMMONS partner, John) is non-profit that provides hand wash stations, mobile shower units, and other health and hygiene resources to those in need. Through our partnership with ARM, we give 1 pouch of Commons Daily Skin Cleanser for every 3 purchased. That makes you a partner in raising the bar for personal dignity.

Think of this as our down payment on social impact. As our catalog grows, so does your opportunity to make a big difference in the life of someone like Alex.

Why the pouch?

Only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled. The rest goes to a landfill.

And every 2 days, the amount of plastic bottles sold worldwide pile as high as the Eiffel Tower.

Pouches are a huge step in the right direction. Their carbon footprint is about 60% less than plastic bottles. They’re lighter, pack smaller, and use less material.

Pouches also squeeze all the way, meaning you easily get every drop of the product inside.

We’re all responsible for sustainability. Pouches are the first step in a long journey of being intentional and giving a damn about our environment.
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Rohan can spout the right quote from Seinfeld or The Big Lebowski for every life situation. He often confuses himself for European, even though he's from New Jersey.

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John believes three things: Parks and Rec is Funnier than The Office, HIMYM is more endearing than Friends, and Archer is more witty than South Park.

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ARM (Our Non-Profit partner)

ARM believes that if you don't look differently, you wont be treated differntly. They focus on increasing health and hygiene access through shower, handwashing, haircut, and other programs.

Visit ARM

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